The Brainy SportsNut

The Brainy SportsNut

Jump Ball: This section will feature the Brainy SportsNut responding to subscriber’s opinions on controversial subjects or issues regarding any of the sports we cover. We will tell you the topic we will discuss in this issue and discuss it in the next bi-weekly blog. Send in your topics and we may select it for the next blog or a future blog.

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Example: One of the new changes in Major League Baseball for 2023 is that teams no longer will be allowed to have more than two infielders on one side of second base. The rational behind this move is that by opening the field it puts 2 premium on athleticism and incentivizes hitters to put the ball in play. The baseball purists went crazy when teams started using the shift and batting averages dropped. Now since they’ve taken the shift away there are some fans that are not happy. I always found it frustrating that a hard grounder or line drive going between first and second wasn’t a base hit as it was for all the years I was wtching and playing baseball because the shortstop or second basement was was 10-20 feet in the outfield. What’s your opinion? Send opinions and comments to

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